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A Documentary Film

Out of the Ashes: 9/11

Tom Bloch
New York Daily News
Anthony DePalma
JAMS Foundation
Flo Fox
Thomas Locke Hobbs
Gregory Semendinger
Richard Sherwin
Robert Ullmann
Tribute WTC Visitor Center

New York Daily News

The New York Daily News provided Out of the Ashes with news stories covering the 9/11 terrorist attack and its aftermath, including work from its editorial staff on the same subject.

The Daily News is currently the fifth most-circulated paper in the United States, with a daily circulation in excess of 600,000. The paper's storied legacy since its inception in 1919 includes ten Pulitzer Prizes, numerous iconic front pages, and serving as the inspiration for the Daily Planet in the popular Superman films.

In April, 2007, the Daily News's editorial board was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for its gripping, five-month series of editorials, "9/11: The Forgotten Victims," which chronicled the severe and sometimes deadly medical fallout from breathing the dust that emanated from the collapse of the towers. Arthur Browne, editor of the editorial page and staff, Heidi Evans, and Beverly Weintraub were honored for work that represented over 60 years of combined reporting experience. All three are veteran New York City reporters, each having been with the Daily News for at least two decades.